At TwinStar, our goal is to create unique and compelling entertainment that appeal to the interests and tastes of a growing global film audience.  We also proudly aspire to Walt Disney’s quote “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Storytelling has a universal truth; well told it can capture almost everyone’s emotions and hearts at all ages and can remain forever in their minds. If fictional, we begin with a traditional “what if”?

A good story, well told, will engage an audience to join a character down its chosen path with a hopeful thought for a happy ending. Original stories require knowing a character through a looking glass and attempt to recreate a realistic portrayal of a life. Fictional or original, stories have a common thread; they need to capture an audience’s attention for the length of a film.

A memorable story is the heart while beautifully scored music is the soul of a great film. Whether comedy, drama, action or true stories, our commitment is to create or seek the best stories we can that will provide magical entertainment.  It all begins with “Once Upon A Time”….

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