A Feature Film
An intelligent young girl in the 1930’s, plagued with Dyslexia, creates ingenious methods to learn to read and write which later she repeats to rescue her likewise afflicted children from a life of mediocrity. This is the story of Elizabeth Fleming, a valiant woman faced by an intolerant school system, unfaithful husband, and ill warranted commitment to a mental hospital that perseveres to win against interminable odds. Children, Liz, and Thomas Fleming, told they would never amount to anything, graduated with advanced university degrees. Elizabeth’s book, “Believe The Heart, Our Dyslexic Days” memorializes her personal story and years of struggle and success in a Pittsburgh suburb.

Elizabeth Fleming Frost, Thomas B Fleming, George Fleming Jr,
Ellanor Fleming Murray & John Richard Fleming, 1982

Flemming Family 1992

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