Russell Werdin founded TwinStar Entertainment in 2003 to create and develop original filmed entertainment targeted at family feature, animation and television markets. In 2005 TwinStar opened offices at FOX Plaza, Century City, where under the direction of production executive, Lane Bishop, developed projects for television that included published stories by national bestselling authors, Sandra Brown and Patricia Cornwell. Amongst others the company developed relationships with Scholastic Entertainment, ABC Family Channel, Life Time and FOX Studios. At the time, Russell focused on creating original comedy and action stories for the youth market that include current projects Inspector Feathers, Nature’s Tales and other feature and animation shows. In 2009 Lane Bishop created her own successful production company and in 2014 TwinStar opened new offices at 177 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena. Today, Russell is joined by a talented team of writers and focus on true life and historic biography films for television, family and adventure features and animated shows for preschool, youth and general audience markets. The company seeks talented writers to submit work for evaluation and potential consideration.